We’re full of energy

The group has full capital market access, including:

  • Financial power
  • Entrepreneurial experience in Israel and abroad
  • Diverse and creative capital raising ability
  • Variety of products in the energy market

An optimal partner for the project’s entire life span - from its inception and development up to energy production and operation

  • Initial planning and development of assets
  • Project finance and financial closure
  • Full and skilled EPC and project establishment
  • Operation and O&M for the project’s entire life span

The Group has its own innate and ingrained ability to implement numerous and varied solutions that use the latest technology, thus allowing for smooth synergy between the various technologies in selecting the most optimal solution and adapting it to site data and specific requirements (land, roof, reservoir, coverings, wind, and energy storage).

Ability to work in parallel on a number of initiatives: Inter D develops the property with maximum efficiency and effectiveness to generate electricity and energy at minimal cost, in the shortest time, and at maximum return for the benefit of all parties. Inter D is a professional partner, accompanying the asset owner, starting from the development stage, coping with changing regulatory requirements, throughout the project’s life span from its inception to its successful operation. WE ARE YOUR ONE STOP SHOP - for the project’s entire life span.