Power plant construction

Inter E specializes in power plant construction, a field that has been flourishing for several years in various countries. Recently, following the electricity regulation in local legislation, this new activity has also reached our local market. Today, in the State of Israel, as part of the electricity market reforms, consumers have now also become producers, with factories producing their own electricity by building private power plants. This can be combined with electricity generation via solar energy systems and energy storage system.

INTER E serves as an EPC contractor for various entrepreneurs and end clients for the construction of energy production facilities - chiefly natural gas-based distributed power plants. In this framework, we have accumulated several years of experience in Israel and abroad in constructing plants that operate with various technologies and in different scopes, incorporating engines and turbines from the world's leading manufacturers with whom Inter E collaborates.


Power plant construction entails many challenges and reflects Inter E’s professionalism. In most cases, this type of project requires rapid start-up. It is precisely in the first stages of defining the technology, carrying out preliminary design, and issuing permits, that a great deal of professional knowledge is required for design-construction and making the decisions that will accompany the facility, and affect the power plant’s efficiency throughout its years of operation. Inter E’s is unparalleled in its ability to assimilate various technologies from different key manufacturers while adapting them to each project and customer: From the initial and initial planning phase, through licensing and interface with the distribution or transmission system owner (high and high voltage power transmission), combining mechanical and civil engineering capabilities, to the ability of managing multiple EPCs or BOT projects simultaneously in Israel and abroad. Upon handover of the facility for commercial operations, Inter E actively participates in the facility’s long-term operation and maintenance (O&M) for its clients.

Projects of this type bring about Inter Plus’ unique footprint to this market: delivery of an all-encompassing response to our clients. This starts with the design stages and project development, through its construction as a turn-key project that requires the integration of numerous key players, and up to managing the O&M array that takes care of O&M needs for many years. As a conglomerate that is comprised of several companies involved in the core discipline of electricity, we deliver great value to our clients: uncompromised professionalism, design flexibility, compliance with short project schedules and tight project budgets, as well as our acquaintance with key players in the Israel Electric Corporation and in various permit-issuing departments.


In most cases, when working on such projects, we usually involve many of the other Inter Plus subsidiaries, such as:

  • Inter Installations: specialists in electrical systems projects
  • Inter Systems: electro-mechanical systems professionals
  • Enerlec: a high-voltage and supreme high-voltage service and maintenance company
  • Our own in-house electrical panel factory
  • Inter B: a civil engineering and construction company
  • Leading design firms who specialize in power plant construction and permits for energy projects
  • Long-lasting relationships with leading global suppliers that are neither bound nor dependent upon a single manufacturer or supplier, such as: Rolls Royce, MTU, Caterpillar, Jenbacher


Facilities of this nature require a great deal of attention when designing, manufacturing the systems, assembling them on site, and operating them. As an EPC contractor with several years of experience, it is clear to us the importance of workmanship quality - the facility's output and efficiency are a mark of our expertise. We invest greatly in quality assurance and documentation. Inter Plus complies with the following quality and safety standards: ISO45001, ISO9001. We also comply with high-level contractor classifications in construction, solar & PV storage, electricity & communications, electrical & cable communication lines, electricity and communications in buildings, air conditioning, water heating & sewage, pipefitting & fire extinguishing. We are recognized as an essential enterprise, a contractor recognized for governmental works and as a supplier for the Ministry of Defense.


Inter E possesses production, purchasing, and import capabilities in a variety of electrical disciplines, from panels, through transformers to generators, boilers and motors. Long-standing relationships with local suppliers and manufacturers abroad, combined with import and storage capabilities in Israel, has earned us operational excellence time after time in each project managed by Inter E.

Inter E’s management and project team have decades of experience in energy, establishing projects in Israel and around the world, and maintaining facilities. Technologies, disciplines, and configurations:

  • Slow to high-speed gas turbines / engines
  • CHP / CCHP
  • Distributed-power power plants
  • Micro-grid and hybrid plant solutions