Inter Electro-Mechanical Systems (ME)

Inter Electro-Mechanical Systems is a subsidiary of the Inter Plus Group. The Company provides  solutions for electro-mechanical systems including electricity, air conditioning, sanitary plumbing, fire extinguishing, and extra low voltage systems,  fully integrating all disciplines providing a comprehensive solution to the customer.

Inter ME employs approximately 130 employees and consists of a senior engineering team, project managers, foremen, technicians, and workers who possess many years of experience with a broad vision and proven ability to provide integrated solutions in large-scale and wide-scope projects. The professional and experienced personnel in our departments can provide the needed services for all aspects of the project, such as: design, project execution, construction, operation and maintenance.  of The aim is to provide complete integrated solutions to the customer’s full satisfaction while meeting the project time schedule.

Quality control is carried out throughout all stages of project execution under the close supervision of the Systems Coordination Department and Integration Specialists up to the perfect completion of the project in all its details.

  • Integrated solutions for all electro-mechanical works, including: electricity, air conditioning, pipefitting, firefighting, and low voltage systems
  • Proven engineering capabilities in projects that require multi-system integration
  • Integrated projects in all disciplines in various building types: high-rise buildings, public buildings, industrial buildings